tugeva võimsusega bensiinimootoriga kaubanduslik roomik-kaugjuhitav niidurobot

At Vigorun Tech, we understand that the quality of the blades is crucial for superior performance. That’s why our commercial tracked remote controlled mowing robot is equipped with high-quality manganese steel blades. These blades are not only exceptionally durable but also exhibit excellent hardness and toughness. With the use of such blades, our mower ensures a clean and precise cut every time, without compromising on quality.

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The exceptional quality and durability of the strong power remote controlled mowing robot’s blades mean that you can rely on this mower for years to come. Say goodbye to frequent blade replacements and hello to a reliable and long-lasting solution for your lawn care needs. Our blades are built to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring that your tracked remote controlled mowing robot remains in tip-top condition even after extensive use.

  • Müüa madala hinnaga Hiinas valmistatud kaugjuhtimispuldiga niiduk, Hiina parim puldiga niiduk kallakutele
  • tugeva võimsusega bensiinimootoriga kaubanduslik roomik-kaugjuhitav niidurobot
  • Müüa madala hinnaga Hiinas valmistatud puldiga võsa niiduk, Hiina parim kaugjuhitav võsalõikur
  • bensiinimootoriga isejõul töötav dünamo elektriline veomootoriga sõidumootor kaugjuhitav kallakniiduk
  • Müüa Hiinas valmistatud kaugniiduk madala hinnaga, Hiina parima raadio teel juhitava muruniiduk hind

Invest in the petrol engine tracked remote controlled mowing robot from Vigorun Tech today and experience the difference it can make in your lawn care routine. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual mowing and welcome the convenience and efficiency of our innovative technology. Trust in our remote controlled mowing robot with its 4mm thick floating imported blades, and rest assured that your lawn will always be in pristine condition.

Võrreldes sarnaste toodetega Euroopa ja Ameerika turgudel, on meil tohutu hinnaeelis ja garanteeritud tootekvaliteet, mis võimaldab teil kulutada vähem raha ja nautida samasuguseid või isegi paremaid muruniidukeid.

Mootor / võimsusLoncin 9 hjLoncin 9 hjLoncin 16 hj
Lõikamise laius550mm550mm800mm
Reguleeritav lõikekõrgus25/45/65/85mm käsitsiJah, kaugjuhtimisegaJah, kaugjuhtimisega

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